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St. Boniface Museum

What better way to discover Winnipeg and encourage team spirit than to incorporate team-building exercises into your premier tour of Winnipeg?

Peg City Pursuit is a multi-stop tour of some of Winnipeg’s finest and most historic attractions, at each of which your delegates, divided into teams, will be sent on a quest and partake in group activities centered on Manitoba’s history and culture. At the end of each stop, the team will collect trade coins if they have successfully completed their quest. The delegates travel together by motor coach, and between stops, your guide will present the historical importance of the site to be explored as well as the next task to be performed, ensuring that the groups learn beforehand about the importance of the site to Manitobans/Canadians and have their bearings before being sent out on their adventure.

At the end of their tour/quest, the delegates can be brought to a final destination where they turn in their coins to participate in a planned activity, such as a dinner or another cultural experience, or to receive a prize.

This tour event is highly customizable and can include such sites as:

  • The Forks National Historic Site of Canada
  • The Exchange District National Historic Site
  • The Legislative Building
  • Saint Boniface Cathedral and Cemetery
  • Assiniboine Park/Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens
  • Fort Gibraltar

The activities are relatively simple and encourage the whole group to participate and enjoy learning about Winnipeg. The activities can be modified to meet the needs of your group, i.e. they can be changed to accommodate physical limitations, can be made more competitive, can focus on a certain topic/theme, etc.

Make your tour more dynamic, interactive and fun, all while fostering team spirit, on a Peg City Pursuit!