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How long have you been a tour guide?

Since May 2011.

Why did you become a tour guide?
I love my city and country and I want to share the beauty and positive aspects of it with others. I was born as a Canadian citizen in Filadelfia, Paraguay, and I really enjoy meeting people from around the globe.

What did you do in a past life/what do you do when you’re not moonlighting as a tour guide?
I am a Public Relations university student who also works as a tour guide/director. Most important of all is that I am the mother of four active boys. I am an avid reader, someone who loves to travel, a musician, and an enthusiastic, curious extrovert!

What is your favourite…
City landmark? Our Manitoba Legislative Building is not only beautiful to look at, ” but beneath its Neo-Classical facade lurks a cryptic array of arcane symbols and Hermetic imagery.” (http://www.frankalbo.com/). I never tire of showing this stunning building to others and giving them a taste of the mysteries surrounding it.
Local restaurant? Joey Kenaston Grill/Lounge – especially the patio in the summer.
Local sports team? Winnipeg is known as the “cultural cradle of Canada” which allows me to be able to enjoy many concerts and events in our city year round.
Local musician? Steve Bell (Steve Bell is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is among the best-known Christian musicians in Canada and is an accomplished songwriter and record producer.)

What is your most memorable moment as a tour guide?
I have had my eyes opened to the treasures around my home. I have learned to observe and to appreciate all of the beauty around me. My tourists are always teaching me and expanding my worldview. Because of them, I have learned to stop and smell the roses!