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What was your childhood nickname?
Rosie (It still is today!)

How long have you been a tour guide?
I’ve been an interpreter/tour guide for 19 years.

Why did you become a tour guide?
I love sharing my knowledge and passion for this city with others. I think this city gets a bad rap; it’s a beautiful place with an awesome history. I think every bit of it tells a tale. I like being the one to help create “a-ha” moments with visitors (and friends).

What did you do in a past life/what do you do when you’re not moonlighting as a tour guide?
I’ve always worked in the tourism industry; it is the only thing I’ve done. I’ve worked at three different nature interpretation and outdoor adventure sites. I’ve been a canoe and kayak instructor. I’ve been an event planner. I was the Director of Programming for Western Canada’s largest winter festival, Le Festival du Voyageur. For the past 12 years, I have been teaching tourism management courses to future tourism professionals at l’Université de Saint Boniface.

What is your favourite…
City landmark? That’s a tough one. I love the entire Exchange District, but really, the Legislative building, and the story it tells, is unsurpassed!
Local restaurant? Step ‘N Out for a fancy night out. Niko’s for a quick bite to eat.
Local sports team? I think our university teams, the University of Winnipeg Wesmen and the University of Manitoba Bison, deserve more attention. They are great athletes who still play for the love of the game! But, what can I say? Go Jets, go!
Local musician? J.P. Hoe is my newest favourite, but Winnipeg produces amazing musicians of all sorts.

What is your most memorable moment as a tour guide?
Every time I hear a visitor say, “You have a beautiful city, I’ll definitely plan a longer stay next time”, or “I had no idea Winnipeg was/had/is…”, or if they laugh at my lame “tour guide jokes” – those moments are always memorable to me!