English / Français

What was your childhood nickname?


How long have you been a tour guide?

Since 1986 in one form or another.

Why did you become a tour guide?  

It’s about sharing stories of our country, our province and our community.

What did you do in a past life/what do you do when you’re not moonlighting as a tour guide?

Director of Le Musée de Saint-Boniface. Historian; enjoy cycling.

What is your favourite…

     City landmark? Le Musée de Saint-Boniface

     Local restaurant? Mon Amie Louis

     Local sports team? Love my Jets but bleed “bleu, blanc, rouge”

     Local musician? Neil Young

What is your most memorable moment as a tour guide?

After a tour of La Cathédrale which “explains” in part the life of Christ and his resurrection as part of the interpretation of the stained glass representation of the Way of the Cross, a gentlemen thanked me profusely for the tour and said in part: “My wife and I are Hindu, we now understand Christianity” My goal is never to preach, convert, or favour. It is simply to explain and interpret.