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What was your childhood nickname?

How long have you been a tour guide?
Since 1998.

Why did you become a tour guide?
I was interested in meeting Japanese people in Winnipeg. I was happy to share my knowledge about Winnipeg and Manitoba to Japanese tourists.

What did you do in a past life/what do you do when you’re not moonlighting as a tour guide?
I work full-time as an office manager at the Chartered Accountants office. I sometimes teach Japanese at the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg and/or the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. I’m a part-time actor (sort of).

What is your favourite…

City landmark? Lockport
Local restaurant? Yujiro
Local sports team? Winnipeg Jets
Local musician? Papa Mambo

What is your most memorable moment as a tour guide?
A passenger became ill two days before her return flight, so she couldn’t take the flight back to Japan with her group. I assisted her at the emergency room while she recovered. The medical system here is so different from the system in Japan. She was frustrated, scared and disoriented. I was able to explain how the medical system works in Winnipeg and why we had to wait so long, even at the “emergency” room. I shared with her my own experience at the emergency room. She was really appreciative of my assistance.