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What was your childhood nickname?

How long have you been a tour guide?
Since September 2012.

Why did you become a tour guide?
I have always been very proud of the natural and cultural heritage of our province and of the many accomplishments and positive contributions of our communities and peoples. My work as a tour guide gives me the opportunity to learn even more of our home and of its place in the world, adding even more so to my sense of pride in who we are and how we live as Winnipeggers and Manitobans. I am all too happy to be able to help promote this affection for home, and the notion that we have much to offer to the world.

Tour guiding also gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world – far-flung travellers, adventurous spirits and regular folks alike – all of whom have their own stories to tell and mysteries to dispel of their own homelands. There is something very positive and inspiring in discovering through conversations with these travellers that though our respective realities appear to be different in many ways, in the end, we all have much in common. I very much enjoy gaining this kind of perspective on the world.

What did you do in a past life/what do you do when you’re not moonlighting as a tour guide?
I have been retired since June 2012. Prior to that, my 38-year “career” involved stints as a programmer and administrator in various fields such as the arts, heritage, culture and youth. I have also worked in communications and broadcasting, and as an event and stage producer/performer. My primary volunteer activities have revolved around community festivals and events and other cultural and heritage undertakings. Some of these volunteer activities continue to this day and I still “moonlight” on occasion as a musician/singer. The rest of my time is taken up with family life and grandchildren, and some travelling.

What is your favourite…
City landmark? Saint Boniface Cathedral
Local restaurant? I have two favourites: Santa Lucia and The Red Top.
Local sports team? The Winnipeg Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Local musician? Larry Roy (jazz guitarist, arranger and composer)

What is your most memorable moment as a tour guide?
The most notable memorable moment occurred in my first-time tour visit to the English Gardens and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, where I witnessed the joy and pleasure of our guests in taking in the beauty of the spot. That visit perked everybody up and set a very nice mood for the remainder of the tour. It was truly inspiring.
A recurring memorable moment has been to witness the impressed reactions of our guests to some of our other notable tour destinations, such as Saint Boniface Cathedral and the Legislative Building.